Thursday, October 3, 2013

C4K Summary for September


C4K #1-

I was assigned "Boo Boo's" Blog to post on for my first C4K assignment. The student was asked to write about something they believed in. Boo Boo wrote about how she believed it was important to live each day to the fullest because tomorrow is not promised. She used an example of how her MawMaw and dad were in a very bad car accident when her dad was a child. This incident helped her to form this belief of living for today. In my comment to Boo Boo, I told her that she did an excellent job on her post because she did! Her belief was explained very clearly. I also told her how I loved the personal touch that she used in her post. It added to it a lot! I explained to her that I also agreed that we should live for today and be sure to accomplish what we want to accomplish when we can. I also left her a link to my blog and the class blog. I told her to keep up the good work!

C4K #2- Andres

Andres' blog post was titled "Getting My Dog Canela". Andres talks about his pet dog, Canela, and the day that he got her. It was four years ago, and he remembers it very well. There was a lot of excitement, but his mom was wondering if they should gether or not. They ended up buying her from the pet store that day. In my response to Andres, I told him about how I have two dogs and told him all about them. I also told him that he did a very good job writing his blog, and he used excellent vocabulary, and it was easy to read. He did an awesome job!

C4K #3- Tiulipe

Tiulipe did a weekly reflection on her blog post. She said that this week she learned to obey her teachers and others. She said that next term she wants to learn how to get better at extra math and other math stuff. In my response to Tuilipe, I told her that I thought it was really great that she was learning how important it is to obey teachers and others. It is an important concept that will be used throughout her life. I also told Tiulipe that math was my favorite subject. I told her that I hope she is able to get extra math practice and learn more.

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