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C4K Summary for October

C4K Summary for October

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C4K #1- Lauren

I was assigned Lauren's blog for my first C4K. Lauren wrote about the "American Dream". She explains that the reason she enjoys history class is because the government and its purpose always remains the same. She says she believes that a person does not have to be a devout historian to understand this. She describes that maybe the American dream is being a leader and a protector of natural rights. However, in other countries it can mean different things.
In my comment to Lauren, I told her who I was and gave her links to the class blog and my blog. I told her that she did a great job explaining her thoughts. They were clearly stated and easy to follow. I told her that my favorite part of her post was saying that you don't have to be a devout historian to understand the concept of the American Dream because I am definitely not one. I told Lauren that she did an excellent job and keep up the good work!

C4K #2- Briana

The second C4K I was assigned for October was Briana. Her blog post was entitled "About Melody and Penny". In this post, Briana was answering some questions about a story she had read. The questions were as follows: "What are some things you can do to help when you see a service dog?", "How do you think Melody will react with a new dog in the house?", and "What themes or ideas do you think the author is trying to get us to think about when we read these chapters?"
In my comment to Briana, I introduced myself and told her that I was a student at USA. I gave her links to both the class blog and my blog. I then told her that I had never read the story, but I thought she did a great job of answering the questions. In particular, I told her that I liked her first answer about service dogs helping blind people and people with disabilities.

C4K #3- Patrick

The third student that I was assigned for my C4K in October was Patrick. His blog post was titled "The Bearrific Levels of a Forest". Patrick talks about the four different levels of the forest. The first level is the canopy where all of the birds live. The second level is the understory. Squirrels and wasps live there. The third level is the floor where animals like deer and cougars live. The fourth level is the subfloor. This is where insects like beetles and worms live.
I introduced myself to Patrick and left links to both the class blog and my blog. Then, I told Patrick that I thought he did a great job of describing each level, and I enjoyed learning about the different animals that live at each level. I told him that I would probably like to live in the canopy level because I love birds.

C4K #4- Alex

The fourth kid I was assigned for my C4K was Alex. His blog post was called "What Makes Us Kiwi (speech)". He describes that what makes them kiwi is four different things. It is food, sport, nature, and history. Alex then goes through each of the four areas and describes them. For food, he describes things like BBQ, sausage, and fruit. For sports, he describes things like rugby, basketball, and the Olympics. For nature, he describes ferns. Last, for history he describes how the Maoris made their history.
In my comment to Alex, I introduced myself and left links to the class blog and my blog. I told him that he did an excellent job of organizing his post, and it was very easy to read. I also told him that he did a great job of describing each of the four areas.

C4K #5- Jack

The final student I was assigned in October was Jack. His blog post was called "Milking the Cows". In this post, Jack describes the process of milking the cows on the farm. They have a semi-automated milking system that helps them milk the cows. Jack says that the cows come to the parlor when they need to be milked. Then, they wait their turn to be milked. Last, they go back to their pen. Each cow milks about forty liters.
In my comment to Jack, I introduced myself and gave him links to the class blog and my blog. I told him that he did a great job of describing the process of milking cows. I told him that I bet he is happy they have the semi-automated milking system, or it could take them a while to do this. I enjoyed reading his post!

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