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C4K Summary for November

C4K Summary for November

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Post #1- Uili
First Day of School

Uili begins by stating the directions for the assignment. He writes about his first day of school, then he revises and edits it to make it better. Uili talks about his routine that morning, his car ride to school, and what it was like once he arrived at school. He talked in much detail about all of these tasks. In his second piece of writing, Uili revised his work. He made some grammar corrections and chose some better word choices. It was a big improvement!

Comment #1-
In my comment to Uili, I introduced myself, explained where I went to school, and left links to the class blog and my blog. I also told Uili that he did an excellent job of writing his post. He used great grammar and word choice. I also told him that I saw awesome improvements from his first post to his second post. I also told Uili that I could relate to his post because I have also had many first days of school.

Post #2- Kaya
Kaya Tells Us Why We Need to Use the Crossing"

In this post, Kaya uses a video to explain the importance of using the Crossing (or Crosswalk). She says that she uses it when coming to school. Kaya talks about how it is important to use it and not walk in the road so that people will be safe and not get hit by cars. She did a great job, and I loved how she used a video!

Comment #2-

First, I introduced myself to Kaya. I told her my name, that I was from EDM 310, and left her links to the class blog and my blog. Also, I told Kaya that I loved her post and how she used a video to tell what she wanted to say. I told Kaya that I thought it was great that she was learning how to be safe so that she won't get hurt. That is very important to learn at a young age. She did a great job!

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