Friday, September 13, 2013

C4T #1

Picture of Jeff Delp

My first Comments for Teachers assignment came from Jeff Delp's Blog "Molehills Out of Mountains". Jeff Delp is the principal at Willis Junior High School in Chandler, Arizona. He is a "sports enthusiast and technology fanatic".

Post #1 "Out of the Shadows"

In this post, Jeff begins by talking about the first day back to school from summer. It's a fresh start! He feels that his job as principal is most effective this day. He helps students constantly. Whether it be helping with schedules, listening to stories, or just being an extra set of hands, he is always helping students on the first day. He then begins telling about the diversity of the group of junior high students. They each have their own story or shadows. They can be prepared, self-confident, and ready to begin. They can also be unorganized, discouraged, and dreading the first day. These students' shadows gloom over them, and their first day is not very promising. Jeff explains how important it is as teachers to build relationships and connections with students in order to get them out of this cycle. He uses five points to explain. 1)Get to know the students. 2)Look for successes. 3) Use tools and resources to learn the students. 4)Reflect on how you will help student's who haven't have success in a while. 5)Ensure that your students will leave with a great experience.

Welcome back school sign

Comment #1

I commented back on Jeff Helm's post on his blog. I first told him who I was, where to find class blog, and where to find my blog. I stated how much I always loved and still love the first day back to classes. It is a brand new start! I also stated how often times, teachers do not know where students come from or what shadow they carry with them. It is so important that teachers not only teach the facts, but also build relationships with students. My favorite point he made regarding breaking this negative cycle was the first one. It is so important to get to know the students and not just let them be a number in the classroom. I loved reading Mr. Delp's blog post and look forward to reading more.

Post #2 "Opposite Way"

The second blog post of Jeff Delp was entitled "Opposite Way". I really enjoyed this post. Jeff talks about how sometimes the opposite is appealing. The day-to-day can get boring, and we often want to do something different and totally off. He then goes to talk about how every decision we make has an effect either positive or negative. He talks about how sometimes, though, the opposite or not going with the flow, can be a positive thing. Instead of doing the norm in education, sometimes its best to step outside of the box and do something different.

left and right arrows

Comment #2

I loved Jeff Delp's post! When I commented on his post, I told him how I could definitely relate to this post. I said that sometimes when life gets overwhelming, and I have so many things to do, I often want to do the opposite. I want to either go shopping or take a vacation. Next, I told him how important I found his thought of how we don't live life in neutral was to me. Ever decision we make has an impact either positive or negative. That decision can make us go backward or push us closer to the person we are intended to be. I talked about how I found this so be a very useful statement when thinking about my future as a teacher. My teaching strategies, advice, and words will all have an affect on my students. Which will I chose?

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